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Warcraft 2 is a continuation of the first Warcraft 1 game - Orcs and Humans. War Craft 2 - Tides of Darkness.

This game was released in December 1995 by Blizzard, as a continuation of the first part of Warcraft. In it, the developers brought to mind the concept of a rubber frame. To activate it, it was no longer necessary to hold down the ctrl button. In addition, the paths that had to be pulled before building the building were removed. They taught the right mouse button context commands. It was no longer necessary to manually select the action that the detachment should perform at the specified point. If the cursor is looking at the enemy, then it is necessary to attack, if to go to the ground, if to a friendly unit, to follow him. Now all this is taken for granted, but then they could not even conceive of such convenience.

The game War Craft 2 - Tides of Darkness was the full continuation of the first part of the script. We were offered to take part in the confrontation of the orcs and people. Who are the people we know, but who are the orcs? Orcs are humanoids that are the product of the crossing of plants and animals, and that is why their skin has such a green color. However, the color of the skin of the orcs gradually became green due to the influence of the demon’s dark magic. The natural color of their skin is brown. The very word orc comes from old English, which means giant. For the first time the well-known writer Tolkien used it.

The game attracted the attention of juicy graphics with perfectly traced figures of fighters, an epic storyline with unexpected turns, where for some reason good did not always win. As well as exciting multiplayer, which is still popular today.

But without the minuses, too, has not done.

  • And the rubber frame captured only 9 fighters maximum,
  • and artificial intelligence did not always cope with the tasks. Even searching for a path from point A to point B.
  • And both warring parties were almost identical. Differ only the ability of magical fighters and some upgrades. Elven archers hurt more, and trolls-throwers could regenerate. Paladins healed, and ogres increased the attack. Human magicians turned opponents into sheep, and death knights summoned skeletons for help. But all the others completely duplicated each other, down to the numbers in the characteristics.

Nevertheless, in disputes who are cooler, the Alliance or the Horde already broke a lot of copies. And the same faction developers from Blizzard have already corrected in their next strategic project.

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