Time Slaughter

Time Slaughter
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Time Slaughter

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Time Slaughter is a 1996 sprite hand-drawn fighting game from Bloodlust Software ... Presented a picture? .. Almost right, just now pour a bucket of blood on it ... and one more - so that this picture itself is not visible, now some more torn people limbs (completely to your taste), and crown this matter with a freshly torn head. Now it’s right.

This is what the game looks like.

You have only 10 fighters to choose from, whose personalities, it must be said, make another impression. In the local chamber, the sixth number concealed darkness to people of varying degrees of artistry. Here you have both an artist and a Hindu, a prehistoric man (no way, a pithecanthropus, but ... without a club, alas), a pumped up big guy that, when you try to go through the door, makes her opening wider, and even a psycho in a straitjacket with his hands tied. Of course, each character has his own name, as well as a unique set of strokes (a list of which is given in the file in the archive of the game). Each of the fighters has its own arena, respectively, there are 10 such arenas. They are beautifully drawn, pleasing with colors, the plot of each of them matches their fighter, especially in this regard, the vampire Pleases: against a dark castle with a mountain of corpses near, then there is someone hanging out, wearing a stake, flies curling with buzzing noise at their heads rotting on stakes ... Here, among such landscapes, you have to tear off the enemy’s head. There are no combos, but there is a fatality that can and should be done in the last round, after which there will be a screen with pictures of the fighters and some phrase that the winner will dig the loser.

The sounds are performed perfectly, each hit on the enemy carcass causes some disturbing pleasure, surrendering in the columns. All words spoken in the game are pronounced with a roar and hoarseness, well, as befits in this surroundings.

Six buttons for the strike, three for the legs and three for the hands, which is more than enough to show everyone in which direction the cut off heads should fly. The beating process itself does not tear away from itself, but, on the contrary, pleases with smooth movements and the quality of the animation, along with excellent detail: all the damage is displayed on the sprites of the fighters, pieces of skin come off, break from the skull, blood drips from the wounds ... which is the sea here, and she it doesn’t disappear anywhere, that is, at the end of the round, brawlers run knee-deep in it.

The verdict is simple: you can familiarize yourself with creatively-minded individuals (maniacs) to play until they turn blue, although ... such comrades will not need to be reminded of this when they look at the game.