Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan
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Settlers of Catan

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Settlers of Catan is turn-based strategy, an adaptation of the board game, which tells about the colonization of Catan Island. It includes the basic version of the game and the extension "Navigators".

The goal of the game is to populate the island, build settlements and turn them into cities, trade with neighbors and become the most influential settler of the island, resulting in a set of a certain number of victory points given for building settlements, cities, and "the longest road" and " the largest army. "

Three to four players play on the field of hexes, where each of the hexes is one of the resources and the chance to get it, roads can be built on the lines of contact of the hexes, and settlements can be built at the crossroads.

Each turn the dice are thrown, and the number that fell on the dice determines from which hexes the income comes to those who built the settlement or city on the edge of the hex. Thus, there are more profitable hexes (6 and 8) and less profitable (2 and 12), and there is also an element of luck. Resources can be exchanged with other players, which introduces the element of "cooperation" into the game - of course, as long as it is beneficial for both parties. But whoever accumulates a huge amount of wealth, he risks being robbed: he will have to give half of his supply to the robbers, who attack if 7 drops out (the most frequent number falling on two abandoned dice).

Winning - getting a certain amount of victory points - is achieved in various ways. You can build as many cities as possible, and you can build as many settlements as possible (only millet and stone will be needed for the construction of cities, and millet, sheep, brick and wood for settlements). You can try to build the longest road, which also gives you points, and you can spend resources on development cards that give various advantages (bonus resources or the ability to take away their resources from players), as well as the army - the possession of the largest also gives victory points. Thus, the development directions are different, the players have to not only take care of themselves, but also monitor the progress of the others.

The interest is added by the fact that you cannot directly interfere with other players - you cannot attack; Thus, you have to compete for the resources of the island, to persuade other participants of the game to unite against the strongest opponent and not to exchange resources with him, to try to quickly occupy more profitable parts of the map or not to allow your opponents to do so. All this makes the gameplay extremely exciting and interesting for playing with family or friends, and due to the fact that luck and diplomacy play an important role in the game, both professional and novice can play it equally.

Well, the computer version of the game is an option for those who are not ready to pay for the box with the desktop option, cannot gather enough players at home or wants to try the game before buying, learn some new strategy or just make fun of artificial intelligence. ..

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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Settlers of Catan! That's incredible game, i will play it later...