Plants vs Zombies: Fan Version

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Plants vs Zombies: Fan Version

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Plants vs. Zombies Fan Edition introduces an old farmer who lives on the outskirts of a small northern village. Every year, the villagers suffer from the attacks of bloodthirsty zombies who want to destroy everything in their path. They do not disdain anything, they devour everything they see. Since our hero's hut is on the edge, he is the first to encounter the dead and suffer the greatest losses. Once he got tired of all this and he decided by all means to come up with a weapon to fight zombies. His numerous attempts were crowned with success. He bred special types of plants that can withstand any evil spirits. Are you ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with our friend and help him win? Then don't waste a minute! Help will definitely not hurt him.

How to play?

There are three modes to choose from in the game: Adventure, Survival and Challenge. In the first, you are asked to go through 13 levels. Interestingly, they are all open from the very beginning and you can choose any of them. But still, try to go through them in order, starting with the easy ones and ending with the more difficult ones. In the second mode, you will have the opportunity to play 6 additional hardcore levels. To complete them, it will take a lot of effort. The goal of the game in both modes is the same - to plant plants on a piece of land in such a way as to prevent zombies from approaching the house. Each plant needs a certain amount of solar energy, you can extract it from sunflowers and receive it automatically from time to time. With each new level, you will be able to plant new seedlings. If you suddenly want to play as a zombie, then you have a direct path to the "Challenge" mode. This is where you can take the dark side and try to defeat the plants.

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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Plants vs Zombies: Fan Version! That's incredible game, i will play it later...