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If you played the 3D version of Minecraft for survival, then you know how good and interesting it is! Surviving for the first time is an indescribable pleasure, because you need to look for food, make weapons, build a house and hide from dangerous creatures. Here, you can try all this, just without installing the client and looking at your character from the side. Minecraft 2 is an almost complete and very accurate copy of an ordinary Minecraft! Almost all resources are collected here and you can use any crafting recipes! That is, you can learn from this game, and then repeat all this in a more realistic world! By the way, realism is also here to occupy.

For example, you will also be attacked by creepers who, in case of any of your incorrect movements, will explode and destroy all the blocks standing nearby, cows and sheep will graze in the meadow, from which meat and wool necessary to build a bed will fall! Day and night will replace each other, and lava will spread throughout the map if you break the block holding it in the recess! It will be very interesting to play Minecraft 2D, since only this game perfectly repeats everything that we see in the original version. But let's start in order!

How is the game similar to the original and how does it differ
The generation of the world takes place here in a completely random way, so every time you enter the game, you will find yourself in a completely new universe. You can be right in the middle of the ocean, or on a sandy biome where only cacti grow, and everywhere there is only sand, or even somewhere in the winter forest, where fine snow falls from the sky. Generation of the world, repeats the original version! Moreover, once in a new world and rebuilding your castle, you can save your achievements and continue next time! That is, you don’t need to keep your browser window open at all times!

Minecraft 2D game: view of the world

In the online world of 2D Minecraft, almost 70% of all found blocks are present - this is earth, water, lava, stone, sulfur, coal, gold, diamonds, silver, iron, cacti, wood, reeds, grass, seeds and even pumpkins! Of monsters, you will meet creepers, skeletons, zombies and even an enderman! The longer you play, the more often they will appear! Animals will live in the meadow. Having traveled a bit, you will find cows, goats, ducks, chickens, wolves and other inhabitants of the valleys!

But the interaction with blocks and animals in this Minecraft has been slightly changed. Breaking them has become much easier and faster, this also applies to animals, albeit to a lesser extent. The speed of the game was generally increased, so this is almost not noticed. But when you find diamonds and make yourself a diamond pickaxe or a diamond sword, then almost everything will break with just a few strokes, which spoils the impression a little.

Minecraft 2 game

Minecraft 2D game is primarily construction. Craft items are fully consistent with the original, as well as their effect on the character and the world. For example, in order to do something significant, you will need to build a workbench. For its construction, you will need to get a tree and this will need to be done by hand. After harvesting the tree, open the inventory and combine the tree into a block to create a workbench. All recipes correspond to the original with accuracy.

How to survive in Minecraft 2D mini-game
The main goal of this game is survival. Of course, you have other goals, such as learning recipes or completing quest tasks, but they are secondary and are fulfilled as you survive! To open the list of tasks in Minecraft, press the button - T. You will need to complete all the tasks gradually, because new monsters will not appear immediately, but over time. Yes, and climb into a dark cave, in search of diamonds and other useful resources, will not work right away!

Minecraft 2D game

First you need to make a workbench, which we wrote about a little higher. Next, craft wood tools. You can even not bother and make only a wooden pickaxe, and then get a stone and make yourself a stone pickaxe and a stone sword! And then, you can already begin to explore the world and collect all the useful things that are under your feet! It is better to collect absolutely everything, since it is not clear what can be useful and what is not. Take apples, mushrooms, meat, minerals and look for diamonds! To find diamonds, you need to go to the caves, but sometimes you can find chests where many useful things will be hidden, including diamonds!

The Minecraft game is full of secrets and it is not known what will be waiting for you on the next corner, so as soon as you find the iron, make a stove, and melt it, and then create iron armor and weapons! The better the components, the more armor and weapons will be stronger. Do not forget about torches, which are made very simply - you will only need coal and sticks! On our site you can play Minecraft 2D for free, without registration, without SMS and scam! Any boy and any girl can enjoy the 2D world! Do whatever you want and build your universe!

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