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Mario Teaches Typing - keyboard simulator for DOS with the participation of the famous Nintendo mascot - Italian plumber Mario.

After creating a new player and teacher for him (Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach), the main menu with game modes appears on the screen. The first three look like a domestic BabyType released later - the action developing at the bottom of the screen depends on the typing speed. The first mode is a level with extremely strange scrolling, where you need to break brick blocks and kick turtles (separate characters are required), the second is to float away from octopus and giant fish (entering numbers), the third is a full stage with obstacles (entering text). There is also a "quiet" method of the game - manual rewriting of the text already typed below. All displayed are drawn hands, the fingers on which change color depending on the pressed key.

The main advantage of the game is very beautiful graphics in VGA mode (320x200x256). Music is good old themes from platformers arcades. 

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