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Mach 3
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Mach 3

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Mach 3 is a classic SHMUP with a view from behind the protagonist in a pseudo-three-dimensional surroundings. Legendary, however.

The villainous sorcerer has enchanted your beloved princess? Settled on a distant, distant planet? Did you remember that you haven’t aired your starship for a long time? That's right, that means that we will have a long journey on the surface of many diverse worlds with the simple and obvious goal of eliminating the villain and saving the beloved.

The plot in Mach 3 is the last thing. The main thing in it, in addition to a rather addictive action, is sound. The digitized sound through PC Speaker in 1987 was perceived as a technological phenomenon of incredible steepness - which made it possible to use not only digitized speech in the game, but also tracker music! Wow!

Otherwise, everything is simple. S and X control the height of our aircraft, B and N - sideways movement. Spacebar is responsible for shooting. If the game hangs, you have to turn off the sound. It is noteworthy that almost ANY antivirus ANY version of this game is regarded as a particularly dangerous beast. Actually, this is what it is - running it on a live DOS often leads to the loss of system files. An inexplicable subspace phenomenon that plagued the office workers of the Soviet Union from the time the game was released to this day. I know for sure that in at least one Ministry, legends went about this feature of it...


Get ready for Mach 3!!

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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Mach 3! That's incredible game, i will play it later...