Lost in Time

Lost in Time
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Lost in Time

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Lost in Time is one of the most famous and almost the best of the Coktel first-person quests about time travelers.

Doralis, the heroine of Fascination, the latest erotic game of Coktel, inherits a mansion on the coast of France. Only snag - some strange events revolve around him ... And when she comes to life on the ship, and even in 1840, she realizes that she is stuck pretty hard ... and we have to help her.

The game is divided into four chapters, scattered about the past and present - in 1990 we go for a walk in flashback, the rest of the action takes place a hundred and fifty years earlier. In fact, the entire game is a standard procession for the genre of tasks on what Americans like to call "McGyver logic," according to the television series of the same name, whose hero is distinguished by the ability to make various devices from safe improvised objects.

We have to do the same, figuring out how to restore the power of the battery, from which we already used acid ... Or how to open a stuck door in a ship's hold and a minimum of objects. How to make a duel of two sorcerers end in a draw with the help of innocent interior items. How to deal with live wires while standing ankle-deep in seawater. And so on - if you are not distinguished by strength of nerves and sharpness of mind, it would be better to refrain from new experiments with games of this series. If you get pleasure from such exercises, this game is for you.

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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Lost in Time! That's incredible game, i will play it later...