Knights of Xentar

Knights of Xentar
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Knights of Xentar

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Legendary jRPG from future authors of no less famous PowerDolls.

After rewinding two terms (in the previous parts of Dragon Knight) of a heroic action in the country of Strawberry Fields, a game hero named Desmond sets off to look for adventures in other places. And in the very first town on the road, bandits lie in wait for him and take off all the accumulated miracle gear. And the clothes. ALL. Unlike regular jRPG, right? And then it will be worse - when Desmond is ridiculed by the whole village, while he will look for offenders, and when he with his bare hands heapes them all to the very "do not spoil". And from this place his further misadventures begin ...

The whole charm of the game is in its frivolous attitude, up to the violation of the “fourth wall” rule, when the characters speak directly to the player sitting in front of the computer. Well, and in extremely abusive content. Along the way, all the standard cliches of the genre are ridiculed. In general, a solid banter.

On the technological side, the game is another Japanese miracle - the standard for them is a 64-color palette with faded colors, but it is equipped with a choice between 2D and pseudo-3D mode (through Mode7 - for those who understand), beautiful AdLib music and generally . The combat mode here is turn-based, with a standard transition to the combat engine from the engine of the promenade - in this series of games it is decorated in the manner of the old Final Fantasy.

In general, the paradoxical thing is jRPG, taunting the foundations of jRPG, but at the same time very high quality, both in terms of the quality of ridicule and in terms of jRPG.

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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Knights of Xentar! That's incredible game, i will play it later...