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Goblins 1
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Goblins 1

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The first release of one of the most famous game series of the 1990s is the result of the creative union of Pierre Gilhodes and Muriel Tramis. Accordingly, we are waiting for and juicy drawn graphics with inimitable French humor, and a unique experimental gameplay at the junction of various genres - in this case adventure, puzzles, and even some elements of the arcade.

Despite the fact that Gobliiins was originally published immediately in five languages, most of the plot is served only visually. Including an introductory video explaining the background to the game: the ruler of one fairy kingdom, in which, apparently, not only people, but also other creatures of various types and sizes, quietly and peacefully live together, because of the monstrous manipulations that made someone very powerful with a voodoo doll depicting our king. It is difficult to say on what grounds, but it was decided that only a very talented, but also very eccentric wizard with the suspicious name Nyak could save the beloved monarch from magic. The composition of the official delegation, designed to achieve an audience with the magician and ask for the right medicine, included three small humanoids, referred to in the game as “goblins”, then “gnomes”, then “elves” - in fact, they all come at our complete disposal (what the triple letter “i” in the title hints at).

In the European version of our heroes they are called Asgard, Ignatius and Oops, and in the American for some reason BoBo, Huter and Dwayne - however, in any case, this can only be learned from the corresponding edition of the user manual. But what certainly should be learned is the fact that each of the three game characters has unique abilities. BoBo, flaunting in the horned helmet, professes the principle “there is power - mind is not necessary”: he is able to generously hand out cuffs, and also climb up and down the ropes; the old man with a gray beard Khuter is the complete opposite: a wise and scattered little wizard, he can read various spells, but he cannot always predict all the consequences of their use; Finally, Dwayne, who is easily recognized by the national goblin cap, is able to select and even use various objects, but - due to his frail physique - no more than one at a time.

The gameplay is strictly divided into levels, of which there are 22 pieces. Each of them is a separate screen - an extremely nicely painted landscape or interior, on which active objects and other sights are generously scattered around to a varying degree of fabulous surrealism. “Gobliiins” does not accidentally resemble a logical puzzle: our task is to find a kind of “exit from the room”, having performed all the necessary sequential manipulations with objects and characters with the help of our three wards, so that the “GO!” next level. Partly understand the peculiar logic of local problems can be from the user manual: as in the case of the "Legend of Djel", there are specifically noted some features of all those dangerous places that we have to visit, as well as the nature of the character even more terrible monsters and dark personalities to meet. Let's say Nyak is allergic to noise; leaving home, he leaves on guard a ferocious dog named Ragnarok, who adores to gnaw little birds; The librarian Karbonek was somehow bitten by a werewolf and since then has written exclusively sad books - and so on.

The mentioned dangers are present in the game in the most literal sense: as a greeting from the arcade genre, below the main window there is a strip of energy on the screen, decreasing with each wrong action: falling from a height, getting a cuff, strong fright, even improper use of the object! Not that this moment especially strained the lover of the traditional quest gameplay, but due to the fact that many optional and simply incorrect actions followed by severe punishment are funny and curious in their own right, each level has to be solved twice: first, getting to know the purpose and properties animate and inanimate inhabitants of the next screen and while receiving a lot of pleasure from trial and error (and what kind of animation is there, what kind of grimaces of the characters!), but at times the “Game Over” screen - so that after returning to and the starting position, running through the stage in the only correct way for the sake of saving precious energy, since it can be replenished only once per game.

The method of saving to Gobliiins is also quite non-standard for both adventure and PC using codes issued to us when passing the next level and allowing you to load the corresponding stage, keeping the current energy level exactly. For loading, as well as for an exit, such interface element as the image of a skull in the right corner of the bottom panel is provided. The panel itself is more of a decorative character - with the exception of the one on the left.

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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Goblins 1! That's incredible game, i will play it later...