Eternal Fury Reborn

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Eternal Fury Reborn

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Eternal Fury Reborn is a new browser game with a gripping story based on northern myths and legends. It has everything that defines the best mmorpg games: luscious beautiful graphics, a huge world and a twisted plot. Amazing adventures with turn-based strategy elements, exploration and immersion in a world full of secrets and mysteries, and epic battles with demonic creatures await you.

Hero, all living things are in danger! Leaving only chaos and destruction on its way, the fire of war reached the world of people. Only fearless heroes are able to disrupt the plans of evil and defend the usual order, peace and harmony.

  • Open World - Explore a new fantasy world with hundreds of unexplored dungeons and unique precious rewards.
  • New maps - amazing adventures in completely mysterious locations.
  • Fantastic system of formation - pump your characters, upgrade your army, hire heroic commanders, summon the gods to your side!
  • PVP mode and arena - fight with friends or alone in real pvp-online battles.
  • Guilds, unions and clans - take your most loyal friends with you. Together, the victory will be even closer and more desirable.
  • HTML5 format - don't give evil a chance! Play from your phone, computer or tablet wherever and whenever you like
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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Eternal Fury Reborn! That's incredible game, i will play it later...