Electronic Popple

Electronic Popple
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Electronic Popple

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Electronic Popple is a fun beat’em’up in which you play one of two processors (endowed with boxing gloves, eyes and boots) intending to free the computer from the rule of its evil components. On the way, they will meet transistors, keys, capacitors and other computer components that they will mercilessly beat up to a state of complete disrepair, otherwise they will gladly do the same to you.

In battle, both characters, in addition to standard blows and combos, also use different techniques. There are few of them, but sometimes it is extremely convenient to grab one of the opponents and throw him into the thick of the others, thus knocking everyone down.

Like any processor, the two main characters need to monitor overheating. The more blows they inflict and receive, the more they repent, reducing their effectiveness. To avoid this, it is best to be motionless for some time. But such a luxury is not permissible in battle, so glasses of juice and small balls that fall from defeated opponents will come to your aid. These balls, in addition to cooling, also treat your character, and after collecting enough of them, he raises his level (there are five in total), becoming more tenacious, able to deliver much stronger blows and bind them into longer combos.

In addition to balls and cooling juice, you can pick up three types of gloves (when applied, the glove increases the speed of your blow, its strength, or makes it remote), batteries and accumulators that act as healing agents, bombs, mines, and even some quest items.

The level structure is nonlinear. Sometimes you will have to return to the same level several times in order to use the items you have found to reach previously inaccessible areas or to complete a task from one of the NPCs that you will also meet sometimes and who are always ready to share useful information or give you task.

It is best to go Electronic Popple together. It is in this mode that the whole charm of this simple but exciting game is revealed.

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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Electronic Popple! That's incredible game, i will play it later...