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Dungeon Master

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Dungeon Master is considered the “mother of all RPGs” in the history of computer games, because many foundations of the genre were laid here in the form we are used to. The game is quite complicated, it is unlikely to just sit down and start playing it. First you need to understand the features of management and the system of magic, which is very specific and intuitively not clear. Therefore, I will describe unobvious moments.

For each weapon there are several types of strike. Strikes have different strength and speed, as well as a number of other less important indicators. As a rule, the kick presented in the top selection menu is the weakest and fastest. But not always. Information about the types of strokes, as well as spells, items and much more can be found at http://dmweb.free.fr/?q=node/412.

The system of magic is based on four groups of elements, and its essence boils down to the following. In order to cast a spell or concoct a trap, you need to make a set of runes, of which the first determines the power of the spell, and the subsequent ones determine its content. To find out which runes a particular spell consists of, you need to find and read the corresponding scroll (or the information on the indicated site).

The party can be made up of four characters, but it is wiser to take only two and make them generalists in all specialties: a fighter, a ninja, a priest and a magician. There is nothing for the four to do there - the monsters, and accordingly the exp, is not enough in the game.

The game may be too difficult or generally impassable if you do not develop your characters. This, unfortunately, you need to do a banal and boring workout, staying in a safe place.

In all other respects, there are almost no difficulties: we are walking along intricate underground corridors, knocking down monsters, solving interesting riddles, looking for caches.

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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Dungeon Master! That's incredible game, i will play it later...