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Conquered Kingdoms
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Conquered Kingdoms

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Conquered Kingdoms is the old step-by-step fantasy strategy, which passed even at one time relatively unnoticed and was released only for the DOS platform. Still, by no means worthy of forgetfulness.

The game takes place in a fantasy world called Kaskatia, inhabited not only by people, but also by many other traditional fantasy intelligent races. There is no great prehistory - there is just a general war. You are one of the "kings" (let's call it that), the task is more than usual - to defeat other "kings" and seize all known lands.

There are two types of games: campaign and scripts (the latter include only short bouts). Before starting the game, it is necessary to choose a settlement for yourself - each of them can bring a different income (in local money, called VPS), which is indicated by a number on the card next to it. Then you need to hire troops (they are of different types, we will come back to this later). Next, the gameplay begins directly, not unlike the traditional similar games: opponents make moves for which they move troops and fight with each other. Fights can be both at a distance (if there are troops capable of long-range attack) or near, melee, when the opposing sides meet on the same cell.

A terrain map does not consist of hexes, but of large rectangles. In this game, each rectangle is divided into two parts, in which there can be two units of the same army. In the process of moving to the same rectangle, more of them may fall, but the “superfluous” in this case will simply disappear, which can be very bad. When one player walks on the field, occupied by two enemy units, it is still necessary to specify which one of them you want to attack. The main stationary objects for the captures in the game are the locks. The castle takes six large cells. To capture the castle you need to bring your troops to its central cell. Similarly, it happens with the captured settlements, the only thing is there it is enough to place your troops on any of their rectangles. Castles, like settlements, generate income, but much greater.

It is rather difficult to tell in detail about the battles - they are quite ordinary. That is, we simply move our troops to the field occupied by the enemy (he can also move them to ours), then give the troops some orders for actions to attack or defense (the enemy also gives orders), then the battle begins. If you (or the enemy) have troops capable of firing an enemy at a distance, then such creatures can be put on the necessary number of cells before the battle. Near and far attack can occur simultaneously. Pay attention that the moves are strictly sequential: that is, first one side makes its attacks with the troops by default, then the other, but also with the troops by default. That is, even if you killed someone from the enemy soldiers during your attack, then when the move goes to the enemy, he, even if killed, would still be able to attack someone from your soldiers. The final statistics are displayed after the attacks of all troops of both sides are completed, the destroyed troops disappear from the map.

On the rectangle with each army there are two numbers, the left one means the force of impact of this division, the right one - the amount of the “life” available. A separate regime is the siege of the castle. You can get into the castle only through the cage where its gates are depicted, you can also fly over the walls (for flying creatures) or destroy a wall in some cage. After the destruction of all the walls of the castle is destroyed. Around each castle there are three icons in the form of triangles - the so-called "siege points". As long as these points are occupied by the enemy troops, the destroyed castle cannot be restored.

Types of troops differ in relative diversity. There are quite traditional warrior people here - knights, swordsmen, cavalrymen, archers, spearmen, there are spies, there are military equipment - catapults and ships (but they become effective only when there are archers on board), and there are much more interesting creatures such as gargoyles, ogres, trolls, horns, ghosts, magicians, and dragons. It is clear that all types of troops - different parameters of attack, defense and other things.

War is the main component of the Conquered Kingdoms, but the economy is also here, its task is to provide you with the opportunity to increase and restore your army. There are three types of resources in the game - coal, wood and gold (but for some reason there is no food). On the map there are deposits of coal and gold and forests in the form of rectangles with the corresponding icons. To capture a field and start getting a resource from it, you need to take a rectangle with any unit and leave it there forever. Formally, hiring each type of department requires a certain amount of all three types of resources, but in exceptional cases it is allowed to hire only for gold (although you will have to pay a fairly large amount of it). Hired during

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