Battle City

Battle City
Battle City

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Here you can play Battle City online for free and without registration.

In Russia and the CIS countries this game was known by its informal name as tanks. This game and general development of the gaming industry in Russia is covered by double cloning. And the first stage begins in the 1980s, its roots lead to the Taiwanese company TFC Corporation, which produced the clones of the NEX game consoles and sold them under the MicroGenios brand. It is the MicroGenios model that our company Stapler, already under its own brand Dendy, starts selling in 1992 in Russia and the CIS countries. Also, if you like this game, try World Wars 1991.

The predecessor of the game Battle City was an arcade game Tank Battalion released by Namco in 1980.

Themselves Battle City for gamers was a game of fundamental importance for the game life of many began with this game.

Gameplay is very simple and certainly fascinating. Player must control his tank, destroying all enemy tanks at the level that gradually appear on the playing field. The goal of the enemy is to destroy your base in the form of an eagle hidden under a thin brick wall. Your task is to destroy all enemies and go to the next level. At each level, you need to destroy about 20 units of enemy tanks of various types. If the enemy destroys your eagle or deprives you of all lives, then Game Over.

In Battle City there are several types of obstacles that reduce visibility or controllability, block movement or collapse from a tank shot, or collapse only if your tank has certain projectiles that it can get from taking bonuses.

Bonuses appear randomly on the playing field, after hitting the enemy, iridescent in different colors. The strength of tank accumulates bonus star. Having collected 3 stars, you become a powerful tool that can quickly shoot and pierce concrete barriers.

There are several types of bonuses in the game. For example, the bayonet "shovel" temporarily makes a brick wall of the headquarters concrete. Bonus "helmet" makes your tank invulnerable. There is also a "clock" bonus, which freezes enemies for a while, a "grenade" bonus, which explodes enemies on the entire playing field. Or a bonus that adds life to your tank.

In the game Battle City there is no plot and logical ending. And after passing the last level 35, the game begins again from the 1st level, but only under level 36. However, changing the set of enemies for each level and the time of regeneration of enemies decreases, which complicates the game.

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