Balda 1993

Balda 1993
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Balda 1993

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Balda 1993 is a classic of domestic games from the wonderful company Gamos. "Balda" belongs to a kind of subgenre of logical games - "word games". In such games you need to make words according to certain rules, usually you need to make the longest possible word out of possible. An example of this is the popular game Scrabble, which is better known in our country since Soviet times under the name Scrabble. There it was required to lay out words intersecting with letters already laid out on the field. In the game “Balda”, the rules are strongly modified: the field is only 5 to 5, each turn by two players (the computer plays for one, you are added), one letter is added and a word is made of the contact letters that are on the field, always using just added letter.

Thanks to the small field, the game is not too lengthy, the game does not have time to tire, and a pleasant musical and especially graphic performance with the participation of well-known balls-buns, perfectly animated, complement the positive impression of “Balda”. It is worth noting several difficulty settings, thanks to which both children and adults can play it. The game does not understand many words that you can find in any dictionary of the Russian language, but new words can be easily added right when you enter them.

"Balda" turned out to be a success and gained quite a lot of popularity, as evidenced by the huge number of clones, including on modern mobile devices. However, in my opinion, no one could surpass the original version from Gamos, because everything was done perfectly here.

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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Balda 1993! That's incredible game, i will play it later...