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The educational game Anatomic, created by Omega Integral Systems, will allow you to find answers, if not all, to so many questions regarding the structure and structure of the human body. It is aimed at children, but also for adults it will be very interesting.

The game has a fun story: the main character (a charming little boy in a blue cap) met a very strange creature who was sitting on a bench and crying bitterly. It turns out that she was quite a normal person until she lost her body. Of course, we have to find it.

For help in this matter, we turn to the hospital, where we meet a professor who invented an organ synthesizer and just finished working on it! However, in order to return the body to our newly made friend, it is necessary, having worked with a computer system in all departments of the hospital, create a program where all of its organs would be described.

We have to run around the floors (there are six in total), collecting suitcases with a cross, the location of which will be indicated by a blinking arrow. When a sufficient number of them has been collected, it is necessary to find a poster with a schematic image of a person - it will help us put in place various organs (these can be bones, and sensory organs, and the circulatory system - depending on the floor). If there is a mistake in the location of the organ, we lose one suitcase (then we will have to look for it again in the corridor to complete the mini-game), if you guessed it, the organ will be fixed in its place. A level is considered completed if all organs are in place.

I must say that it’s a little difficult to move around the floor, because besides us, there are a great many different kinds of animals running around and flying - cockroaches, mosquitoes (and, at further levels, all sorts of virus-like nasty things) that strive to chop off our health division (total divisions 14). You can be saved from creeping reptiles by jumping onto a windowsill or a closet, but this will not help from flying. Therefore, it is better to exterminate living creatures - by jumping or with the help of bonuses falling from above: a jumping rope, which makes the little boy invulnerable at all, a dichlorvos type spray and the ability to trample enemies with their feet (the difference between “stomping” and “jumping” is not clear). All bonuses are given for a while, their number at the level is very large, however the number of insects is decent, so you have to run a lot. Continuous unsanitary conditions!

In addition, on each floor we come across a doctor who will surely ask what we have forgotten here and will conduct an aptitude test. If the right answers are given to three questions, then you can continue your work with a clear conscience, but if at least one answer is incorrect, then the doctor, grabbing the boy by the scruff of the neck, escorts him to replenish his knowledge (while taking, by the way, three health divisions!) . This can be done (and necessary) using a computer, which is also located on the floor (usually not far from the poster). This is where the greatest value of the game is hidden - the anatomical atlas, in which we can read and see a lot of useful information for passing levels! On each floor, the content of the atlas is different and corresponds to the specialization of the department in which we are located.

Saving in the game is not provided, it will have to go through at a time. You can, of course, start from the sixth level, but there will be no gain in this case - you need to run through all the floors in order.

Very bright graphics and excellent musical and sound accompaniment: even beetles here "die" with a funny quacking sound (not to mention how cute our protagonist says "Oh!" When confronted with an enemy).

A kind, full of humor and charm arcade, as was said, is perfect for children: the complexity is low and it copes with its educational goal ideally - the player will be interested to delve into the study of anatomy in order to complete the tasks set in the game.

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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Anatomik! That's incredible game, i will play it later...