The Monolith

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The Monolith

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In the game The Monolith, you will meet face to face with real horror. Before you will be a huge egg, in which a terrible monster is quietly waiting for its hour. You will have to take courage and arrange a standoff. Under your leadership will be all of humanity. You must go through all the epochs and enter a new world to destroy the horrible monster. In the Stone Age, people began to worship the huge black monolith, which came from no one where they came from.

Also, the connection between the monolith and the monster is unknown. But one thing is clear - the beast must be destroyed! For this you need to grow a smart and advanced civilization. In the left corner of the screen is a demonic egg. In the middle settled our warriors. At first there will be only a few cavemen, but later you will be able to hire a whole army of archers, archers and cavalrymen. They are worth it to spend their EPs on them. EP - evolution points. They are in the upper right window. The more people in the right window you buy, the sooner evolution points will be credited to your account.

Also, remember that for causing damage to the egg, you will also receive evolution points. Carefully follow the monolith on the right side of the game. Sometimes the beast will lay there the larvae that need to be destroyed. To go into the future by leaps and bounds, you need to buy new skills and different industries. They will help you move into the next era.

Are you ready? Good luck!

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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow The Monolith! That's incredible game, i will play it later...