Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame

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The actions of the game Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame unfold after the first part.

So, the Sultan blessed his daughter to marry the prince from the first part. And yes, the wedding took place. But on the eleventh day, the evil spirit of the murdered vizier wanted revenge and turned into a double of the latter-day prince, and turned him into a ragged one. The prince fled from the guards to unknown lands - and the princess Jaffar imposed a terrible spell, and she was seriously ill... Now the prince must return to Persia to save his beloved wife and punish the stubborn villain Jaffar!

The continuation of the series went with the times. The first thing the player pays attention to is noticeably prettier graphics, replacing the minimalistic picture of the first part, and charming Eastern music, which changes depending on the events occurring on the screen. Management has changed as new technical functions appeared in the game (for example, there were more save slots), and the prince now removes the saber on a separate command, while in the first part it did this automatically. But the physics and dynamics are the same, so that after the first part you will not have to get used to the second for a long time.

The world of the game has changed and grown: outside the walls of the dungeon and the palace and far from the possessions of the Sultan, the prince will visit caves, ruins (where, by the way, both him and the player will have a surprise) and look into the sinister temple of the god Horus. There are also new obstacles in it - even more diverse and dangerous enemies, an enriched arsenal of traps, cunning riddles and tangled labyrinths... The time limit has also increased (besides, the countdown does not start immediately).

In view of all of the above, it has become much more difficult to play. However, it is worth considering the improved visual component, and the presence in the game of spectacular subject intros to understand: it became not only more difficult to play, but also more interesting! Having tried on the trousers of the Prince of Persia in exile, you will not be deprived of impressions and get acquainted with the brilliant continuation of the legendary arcade saga...

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