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The Chip's Challenge game, released in 1992 as part of the Microsoft Entertainment Pack for Windows, is a multi-level stone labyrinth, through which, overcoming many obstacles, the main character travels (let's call him Chip) - a cute little man whose task is to collect a given number of "chips" in the allotted time period and get to the finish square.

However, everything is not as simple as it may seem. To successfully complete the mission, the main character will have to pick up the keys to different doors, cross the river and cross glaciers, fight fire, and, of course, many different hostile creatures will meet on his way, some of which (for example, frogs with huge jaws) are bloodthirsty watching Chip, following him on his heels, others quietly move on their own algorithm, so you have to come up with different strategies of treatment (for example, sometimes you can even lure the enemy into a trap).

Chip can float, calmly walk across the fiery or ice expanses, for which it needs various devices - flippers, skates, and the like, which can often be found, but beware of insidious spies hiding literally (and sometimes in the literal sense of the word) under each stone and select all items. Use the switches to open the openings in the walls and create building blocks, move through teleports, build bridges ... At certain levels with limited time, emphasis is placed on agility and speed, some time is not limited, but you have to work hard to find the missing chips.

Chip's Challenge is distinguished by a variety of levels with a rather limited set of obstacles - it is impossible to predict what awaits you for a solemn triumphant sound. Each level (and there are 144 of them altogether) is provided with a password, so after passing you can return to it again. This fascinating game will appeal to everyone who loves puzzles and is distinguished by perseverance.

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